Awards Committee


CCBE has established the Apple for Excellence Award to express appreciation to the dedicated educators in county offices across the state that strive to provide high-quality education with cutting-edge innovation. The Apple for Excellence Award is given to winning programs of CSBA’s Golden Bell Award County Office of Education category, reflecting the depth and breadth of county education programs necessary to address students’ changing needs. These outstanding programs also share information about effective educational strategies with other county offices of education throughout the state.

After the close of the CSBA Golden Bell Awards judging and validation process, the CCBE Awards committee receives copies of the final county office of education category winning program applications and selects up to three winning programs to receive the Apple for Excellence Award. The CCBE President will present these winning program(s) with the CCBE Apple for Excellence Award during the CSBA Golden Bell Awards reception held in December.

The final programs will be judged based on descriptors for each program. In order to receive the CCBE Apple for Excellence Award, applicants must demonstrate that the program:

  • Reflects the depth and breadth of a county education program necessary to address students' changing needs.
  • Is innovative or exemplary.
  • Is connected to the county board’s vision and is supported by the board.
  • Is replicable in concepts and overall model.
  • Operates in a CCBE member county office of education.  
  • Exists currently and implemented at least two years prior to being selected.
  • Selected to win the CSBA Golden Bell Award County Office of Education category.
The Awards Committee is composed of members from the CCBE Executive Committee. The CCBE President serves as the chair.

Committee Resources

Please visit the CSBA Golden Bell Awards website for more information including program categories, eligibility/selection criteria and winning programs.

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