Bylaws Committee


The California County Boards of Education is governed by the Bylaws and Standing Rules. Bylaws provides a broad administrative framework within which the objectives of CCBE may be achieved and provides governance and policy decisions to be based on defined and approved documentation. All business of CCBE shall be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws.

The Bylaws Committee consists of members selected by the CCBE president to serve for one year. The major work of the Bylaws Committee is to review proposed revisions or amendments to the Bylaws or Standing Rules to determine if the proposed amendments are appropriate. The committee submits its findings and recommendations for amendments to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for approval.

2024 Bylaws Committee

  • Lucy Hendry, chair (Imperial COE)
  • Annette Lewis (Contra Costa COE)
  • Armando Salud-Ambriz (Yolo COE)


Committee Resources

•    CCBE Bylaws
•    CCBE Standing Rules

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