Why Attend the CCBE Annual Conference?

The below talking points stress the critical value of your participation in a state conference and can be used to remind your community why educated school leaders are vital to student achievement. You can use these points at board meetings, for press outreach, opinion writing and/or on your county office of education newsletter, website, or blog.

  • As local county office of education board members it is our responsibility to provide the best education possible for our students. One of the best ways we can work toward that end is by educating ourselves.
  • The management strategies learned through quality professional development and conferences should save our county office of education money and lead to academic success.
  • We expect our doctors, lawyers, and teachers to continue learning about the latest innovations, solutions, and research in their fields. It is absolutely critical for county office of education leaders to do the same.
  • During these tough economic times, when we are faced with tough choices in our spending, an educational leaders’ professional development conference may not appear to be a budget priority. But our children benefit from board members attending and then using their knowledge to make well-informed decisions about policy, finance, or curriculum.
  • The California County Boards of Education Annual Conference present new strategies to managing county office of education finances and showcase best practices gleaned from real-life experiences at other county offices, and allow board members to network with experts and peers. 
The CCBE Annual Conference is the one event that brings together county board leaders at a time when domestic policies and global trends are combining to shape the future of our students. Join more than 330 county board members, superintendents, and education leaders from across the state gain valuable knowledge and information in five key areas: Leadership, Advocacy, Policy, and county office of education issues. You also will gain ideas and strategies through more than 8 workshops, speakers, best practices, and the freshest ideas to support student achievement.

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