California County Boards of Education is governed by a Board of Directors and Executive Committee, in adherence with the organization’s bylaws and standing rules.

Board of Directors

The CCBE Board of Directors establishes the mission and primary objectives for CCBE and ensures that activities and programs remain focused on the goals identified in CCBE’s policy platform. The CCBE Board of Directors adopt the CCBE budget, standing rules and bylaws, reviews policies, goals, objectives and resolutions and receives reports and updates on programs and organization operations.

The CCBE Board of Directors serve on the CSBA’s Delegate Assembly as regional county delegates and provide advocacy on behalf of children, public education, local boards and CSBA.

Executive Committee

The CCBE Executive Committee is composed of the president, president-elect, vice president, immediate past president, treasurer and CSBA director at large, county. The CCBE Executive Committee conducts business on behalf of the Board of Directors, initiates, reviews and recommends bylaws, standing rules, policies, goals, objectives, resolutions, the annual budget and budget revisions and reports its actions to the Board of Directors. The CCBE Executive Committee conducts an annual performance review of staff and approves for ratification all committee and task force appointments of the president.

The CCBE president and CSBA director-at-large, county serve as members of the CSBA Board of Directors and report its actions to the CCBE Board of Directors and membership.

•    CCBE Past Presidents

Election to CCBE Office

Each year, CCBE elects new officers including the treasurer, vice-president and president. Officer nominations are open from April through June, and officers are elected at the CCBE General Membership meeting in September. A seven member nominating committee representing at least four geographic regions from the general membership interviews and nominates candidates for the CCBE Officer positions. The committee receives the nominations of candidates and screens candidates based on the qualifications outlined in the Executive Committee roles and responsibilities.

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